Reactome Announcement: Version 50 of Reactome Knowledgebase has been released.

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Reactome hits a major milestone: Reactome is now one of the largest freely accessible, open source pathway knowledgebases. Over the 10 years that Reactome has been curating and exporting pathway and reaction data, we’ve grown to include annotations for over 1/3 of the protein-coding genes in the current Ensembl human genome assembly. As of Version 50, Reactome comprises 7,642 human reactions involving the 7,597 protein products of 7,333 human genes, and 1,419 small molecules. These reactions are organized into 1,597 pathways, supported by 17,248 PubMed literature references. We have projected these reactions onto 99,812 orthologous proteins, creating 20,032 orthologous pathways in 19 model organisms.

New Pathways for this Release: Topics with revised content in V50 include Disease (Diseases associated with glycosaminoglycan metabolism<,3781865>), Gene expression (Transcriptional regulation by small RNAs<> and DNA methylation<,212165>),  Organelle biogenesis and maintenance (Mitochondrial translation<>), Signal Transduction (Hedgehog 'off' state<,5358351>), Transmembrane transport of small molecules (Orphan transporters<>), and Metabolism<>. We’d like to thank Renee Beekman<>, Caiyong Chen<>, Zofia M Chrzanowska-Lightowlers<>, Wolfgang Fischle<>, Long-Cheng Li<>, Yulu Cherry Liu<>,<> José I Martín-Subero<>, David S Rosenblatt<>, Dorothe Spillmann<>, Anna Stroynowska-Czerwinska<> who are our external reviewers.

Follow us on Twitter: @reactome<> to get frequent updates about new and updated pathways, feature updates, and more!

Reactome is a collaboration between groups at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York University Medical Center, and The European Bioinformatics Institute.Reactome data and software are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. A full description of the new and updated content is available on the Reactome website at<>.

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